Who we are

Our person knows that your home & works facilities are a big investment and protecting these are of extreme importance to you.If you think you are having pest problems, please request an inspection of your home from our technical expertise / technicians. We will treat your home like our own with our different protection plans and our results are guaranteed.

The strength of our services

Our programs are build on our experience team of professionals. Fully licensed, certified by different govt. organizations, knowledgeable as well as highly qualified as per the amended gazette rules by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers welfare.

Our company’s PMPs develop program

Based on the specific needs of your facilities and business types.

All our staff are highly trained in all aspects of insects / pest management and control by implementing the latest cutting edge technologies. All our treatments are odorless, least toxic, & environmental aware that ensure that it completely safe for children, pets & plants.

Treatment Strategies:

Our company strives to minimize use of insecticides & pesticides by focusing on prevention of the targeted pests. If require pesticides are used only targeted locations also. Prior to treatment we consult with the clients and communicate with them for our planning to notify facility occupants.

Our deep experience:

We deliver cost effective services to the diversifying range of facilities, clients & industries, corporate offices & buildings, Food & dairy manufacturing plants as per HACCP compliances. Pharmaceutical facilities (API, Bulk drugs as per GMPs & USFDA guidelines)

Business Philosophy:

We believe in rendering excellent service to our customer make us stand out in the industry. We make sure that every cent our customers spend on us will get its return in true value and they remember us for life.

We believe our customers shall live or work in a safe and healthy environment. We ensure that every pest control measure we employ is target focus and use a minimum quantity of chemical. This is achieved through applying innovative methods and avoids using excessive chemical.

We believe all our customers, either internal or external, deserve to know the target pests and their control measures. We encourage our customer to actively participate in our pest control program. We continuously upgrade our stuffs and educate our customers concerning the target pests and their control options available in the market.

We believe .......With passion ... We serve ... we care ..

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