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Incorporated in 2000, PESTOP SERVICES serves the Vadodara city through well qualified team in the areas of pest management with an integrated approach. For over 17 YEARS, PESTOP SERVICES has been providing high quality, honest, safe, dependable and effective service. We have been serving in Gujarat state with professional care and service since 2000. We are constantly surveying the industry to find the best technology in pest management to protect our clients from pests.

Our purpose is to improve your quality of life, by protecting you from pests, and thus some of the worries they cause such as: Property damages, business's reputation deterioration, injuries from bites, stings by providing Safe, effective, dedicated service. Committed to excellent results and customer satisfaction guaranteed!


PESTOP SERVICES was chosen from among the leading pest control companies in Vadodara to provide our exclusive liquid applications for the termite treatment .All of our technicians have been well trained as well as pre-employment background and driving record screening in order to assure you will have a safe professional servicing your dream house and workplace. We measures property with the calibrated tools for accuracy before giving the estimates.

In addition to our work we have successfully treated residential houses, restaurants, businesses, high rise office complexes, multistoried apartment throughout Vadodara. Unlike the more tropical climates facing our city Vadodara where the “battle of the bugs” is on-going, Barodians deal mainly with the occasional invasions of such things as termites, pharaoh & carpenter ants, rats & mice, diff types of roaches and wasp/hornet nests. And, of course, there are the standard 'pantry pest' infestations. Each and every treatment has produced satisfied customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they weren't exposed to hazardous insecticides.


PESTOP SERVICES is an industry leader among pest control companies. We take pride in our employees and the quality of our work, knowing that our pest management services will offer you genuine peace of mind and comfort. Our service is backed by an exceptional quality assurance program, with expert’s team, and comprehensive documentation of our findings and service, all of which guarantees our pest control service meets our high-quality standards.

Our company is sensitive to our clients needs; of their time demands and their hard earned money. You can count on us to be on time and to deliver what we promise. Because we have built an excellent reputation as a great pest control company, we are able to hire only the most qualified and skilled employees.

In addition to our work we have successfully treated govt. quarters, corporate buildings, public sectors, nationalized banks & private companies throughout Vadodara.

Put your trust in PESTOP SERVICES specialists for over 17 years.